martes, 15 de abril de 2008

New comic show us How to install linux in a fun way

Hi guys:

In this thread , I talk about a new comic that show us How to install Linux in a fun way.

This comic created by Jeremiah Gray and called Hackett and Bankwell, wants to provide an interesting way to learn about Linux,
and how to solve some issues for the new Linux users.

"Hackett and Bankwell is an educational comic designed to teach the finer points of the GNU Linux platform using Ubuntu. Written to clearly explain complex concepts, Hackett and Bankwell can be instrumental in helping new users understand the various elements that comprise the operating system and how they work together. New users often feel overwhelmed by all of the new information they need to digest in order to confidently use Linux, and Hackett and Bankwell provides them a quicker way to master the material."

In this first comic, Woody Hackett (a penguin), gets an early morning phone call from Jerome Bankwell (a young hacker), who is in a different country where it is "the afternoon." Woody flies to an unknown country, to help Kaori (a novice Linux user) and her sysadmin friend get Ubuntu installed. They talk about the GUIs, distributions, and disk partitioning.

That's all for now, so you need to check the comic site to know how the story continues, and don't forget, try to help all the new Linux users like Jeremiah Gray does.

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